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Trash McSweeney

Hello Friends, We write to you from America. A country that feels like a circus. There were a few people that went far and beyond to keep myself and the band out of the dark. We are VERY grateful for their selfless support. You all know my musical struggles. I was ready to let it all go but you revived my heart and kick started the dream for album 2. Even with the current PledgeMusic drama we're still full steam ahead. No turning back. A lot of pressure though. So much planning, programming and analysing goes into making such a diverse instrumental and vocal album and being 100% on our own adds many more obstacles. I think of everything all the time, my mind never stops. While it's great being able to see and feel the entire vision, it's also a burden when you want to shut down, sleep, rejuvenate or just do something different and relax. It completely consumes me. I struggle to meditate, my mind is too busy. A rocket ship shooting through space at light speed. At the end of the day you can be assured you're investing in an album, band, artist that completely gives their all and is committed to making the best possible art from all levels. Art that has substance and comes from an organic place. Even if it burns them out. I certainly prioritise this album over my own life. Spent many a night sleeping in my car to save a $ and keep us afloat. We try to give you as much insight behind the scenes as we can but it is hard sometimes.

From the bottom of my soul thank you for your support. It's coming closer to a release date and I hate to jinx it, I am confident this album is an artwork like no other I've created and a true extension of 'The Revolution Is Never Coming'. Keep the support alive! We have a long way to go and I can't do this without you. My brain and heart was fried from the last album. Trying to find my feet in the chaos. I am rejuvenating. - Trash McSweeney

Artwork by Patrick Campbell

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