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PledgeMusic FAQs

What happens now?:

1. Where is the money for the items I pledged with PledgeMusic to support TRP album?
All the funds for the items you purchased on the PledgeMusic pages were held by PledgeMusic. To protect you as a consumer, we/TRP had NO access to these funds. PledgeMusic's "fool proof" set up was to hold all finances for each artist in separate accounts to be deposited, in full, to each artist on release of their album. This was done to hold the artist accountable in making the album they promised to create. With no funds being released this now means us artists can not cover our production or musician costs and all that financially goes into an album release.
PledgeMusic did not honour this protected setup and were spending artist's funds. On exactly what, we don't know. We did however receive a personal call from the companies co-founder Benji Rogers in NY explaining that "All funds have gone and there are no funds what so ever to dip from to pay out artists or refund fans". This is a HUGE blow to us all, our album release and everyday lives, as we were of course counting on the remaining PledgeMusic money to pay off our album production debts, postage, merch pressing costs and much much more. Unfortunately it looks like that day is not coming for us and thousands of other bands who are in the same or even worse financial situation.
Therefore, sadly all refunds are out of our control.
You can try contacting PledgeMusic here ( however we have been informed that they have not been replying to emails of late and all the staff have been "sacked". We understand this is far from ideal however unless PledgeMusic issue the refund on their end, there is little we can do.
2. PledgeMusic are not replying to my emails.  What should I do?
You are not alone. The only thing we can recommend is to keep contacting them in the hope they will eventually get back to you.  
3. I cannot get a refund - how will I be compensated?
We have sent out 90% of all pledges. If you have not received your pledge item unfortunately we will be unable to fulfill your pledge. As this was not us, this was PledgeMusic's platform and they held and spent all the money we are not in a place to provide compensation.
4. When will the album be coming out?
The album is finished and we are in the middle of establishing an album campaign however due to the lack of funds resulting from this situation, we have been forced to push back the release and re-strategize. We appreciate your patience whilst we work out a new game plan. This info will be released shortly 
5. What can I do to help?
We have set up a NEW platform managed by the TRP team and the TRP team ONLY.  You can be confident that your money will be going directly to the band.  You can help us by going to our new Pre-order & Exclusives store HERE.  No matter how big or small, we are grateful for every contribution as it will bring us closer to getting our feet back on the ground and the album in your ears. We have added many new exclusive items and have created a series of spend packages.  
6. I pledged for the new album - what happens now?
Most of you have actually received your pledged items, it is mostly the album and formats attached that we were still needing to create and send out on release. Unless we receive the outstanding amount from PledgeMusic our hands are tied and we are unable to honour these pledges. These pledge items include:
- New Album Digital Download
- New Album (Digipak Edition) on CD
- Signed New Album (Digipak Edition) on CD
- Your Name in Liner Notes + Signed New Album
- New Album Vinyl Test Pressing
Note: We have fulfilled all other pledge items purchased through the PledgeMusic store up until the end of January. Anything ordered from the PledgeMusic store since then will NOT be honoured. All New Album related pre-orders will NOT be honoured.