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Request A Cover Song

Request A Cover Song

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Trash McSweeney playing an acoustic version of a cover song of your choice during a Facebook Live.

What is this:

You tell us which song you would like to hear Trash McSweeney cover and he will mention your name or who you request for and play it during one of The Red Paintings upcoming Facebook Live's. It's that easy. This will be an acoustic version of the song. 

Some songs may have added guests, some in random locations around the world and some anytime of the day but you will be notified when your request is going live. Expect some surprises!

Want to request a song for someone else, a friend or loved one? Let us know in your reply email when we contact you to find out your song request and Trash will email you to personalise the shout out.

How it Works:

  1. Purchase the song request
  2. We will send you an email to find out what cover song you are requesting
  3. We will send you an email prior to the Facebook Live that is going to include your song. 

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